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How am I supposed to keep my new job in Hollywood when my father insists on summoning me to his universe again and again? I'm a storyboard artist, not a bodyguard, but Diabolical Dave McCay demands that I protect pioneer feminist actress Judy Anthony as she campaigns for women's rights in his retro society. Why are clowns attacking an activist actress, anyway? Are these mere pranks, or something more serious? Why aren't there other superheroes in Dave's universe? And in my own universe, how can I fend off the advances of my charming but pushy new boss, a powerful Hollywood director?

PG-rated nonstop comic book style adventure set in two universes, with plenty of super-powered battles and recognizable classic comic book scenarios—and some iffy romance thrown in.

This novel can be read as a stand-alone story. Other adventures in the Temporary Superheroine series are also stand-alone stories.


Chloe Cole: Reluctant female superhero, possessor of superpowers, snarky 26-year-old with parent, career, and love life issues.

Diabolical Dave McCay: Maverick comic book artist, man who wants the modern world to be like it was in 1962, troublemaking genius who has access to great power.

Jason Dellon: Hollywood success story, entirely too focused on starting a personal relationship with his new young employee—Chloe.  

Judy Anthony: Oscar-winning actress running for the presidency of the Screen Actors' League, she's campaigning for women's rights.

Michael Ellsworth: Studio head opposed to Judy Anthony and to women's rights, could he be the secret instigator of the Sad Clowns?

The Sad Clown Society: Supposedly Hollywood actors against Judy Anthony's campaign for women's rights. They disguise themselves as clowns and disrupt her speeches. Are they for real? 

FBI Agent Shelly: He's the agent in charge of protecting Judy Anthony. Behind his stoic facade, what is he thinking? Whose side is he on?

Jovial Jerry Fine: Beloved elderly icon of the comic book world, benign but skeptical participant in fast-paced adventures, would any superhero story be complete without him?  

The Temporary Superheroine series of novels all feature Chloe's super-powered adventures:

Book 1 Temporary Superheroine

Book 2 Crisis at Comicon

Book 3 Hollywood Superheroine

Fiction & Literature
July 31
Irene Vartanoff
Draft2Digital, LLC

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