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One of the most original and creative worlds I've read in a long time. Gritty, raw, and absolutely captivating. I couldn't put the book down. ~Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling Author.

She is the key to his revenge.

What was once a treasured possession of his father is now the most valuable thing in the ravaged kingdom beyond the wall. A female boasting ancient bloodlines and a body which cries out to be mastered.

A rare prize many would kill to claim.

Defiant to the whims of fate, she dares resist, believing the wilds of the forest could hide and protect her.

But nothing will protect her from him.

She will bow at his feet and birth him an army.

From her lips, he tastes vengeance… and soon, the Alpha will rise again to reclaim his throne.

But he is not the only contender…

And the hunt has begun.

Publisher's Note: Each pulse-pounding, tension filled page of this Paranormal Romance features a gritty heroine desperate to remain free of the criminals who seek to claim her for their own. If being helpless to the whims of monsters offends you, please do not purchase.

Renegade is the first book Myra Danvers' The Feral Hunt series. Giaus is coming soon—PREORDER NOW!

Fiction & Literature
August 7
Myra Danvers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

ToHayati ,


Yeah, this is not what I was expecting and I don’t think I was truly prepared for the trip, but what an adventure! This is Omegaverse, so make sure you know what that is before you dive into the book. That said, it is a raw, thrilling story. Multiple partners and rough encounters abound. THIS IS NOT VANILLA!!

rysonsmom ,

Great world building!

I really enjoyed the world building and story telling in this book. It felt a lot more cohesive with a more solid background than previous books. Story is in the alternative omegaverse where one species has overtaken and made slaves of the other. One omega manages to escape to the wilds but I love how it starts off with how her people got into the position they’re in. Left off in a cliffhanger though so -1 Star

Gl0ssbones ,

A thousand times yes

When Myra Danvers publishes a book, I sit up and notice. Champagne in hand and an evening meticulously planned, I know I'm in for a treat, and what a priceless joy it has been. As the only person living under the rock and the last individual to make the connection that M.D. Pentacles is the one and only Myra Danvers, I had not read MDP's work and was coming in blind. All I knew was that it was not Delirium #2. I was not prepared for the delicious filthiness between these pages. I like a good chase and build up as anyone else, but even then I was delightfully shell shocked by the viciously vivid worldbuilding and the sensual brutality. This story is a unique approach to Omegaverse without the tired tropes bogging it down. Arresting from the get go, the female protagonist is a character that endures much and rebuilds herself along the way. Scrappy and resilient, the future books have much to offer and 2021 cannot come soon enough.

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