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He makes dumb mistakes so you don’t have to.

“A great and humorous kids/young teen story with plenty of twists and tension.” Entrada Publishing

15-year-old Krista Winnette worries about her dad, Drew. After all, he just lost his job, and Krista’s mom just left him. Now all Drew has is a dwindling bank account, a ten-year-old car and a musty motel room he can barely afford. So he does what every unemployed man must do in this desperate situation: He becomes a private eye.

Drew knows nothing about being a private eye, but how hard could it be? As he says in his Facebook ad: “You ever wondered how a private eye finds a missing person? Or trails a cheating husband? So have I! So hire me, and I’ll figure it out! I’ll try stuff the other guys won’t even consider – ’cause I don’t know any better!”

As Drew goes about learning his new job, he finds himself a rather enthusiastic partner – Krista! Together, they investigate the case of a fading movie star who tragically fell to her death on the set. But was it an accident – or did someone take their “creative differences” a little too far? Join our two bumbling private detectives as they constantly scramble to stay afloat and sometimes even to stay alive. The story will keep you guessing right up to the surprise ending!

If you like Theodore Boone, The Adventures of Jack Lime or a light take on Veronica Mars, you’ll love My Dad, the Private Eye. Tweens, teens and even adults will get a thrill out of this middle grade detective series full of fun mystery and funny action.

And if you like The Falling Star, check out the next book in the series, My Dad, the Private Eye: Keep on Truckin’. Drew and Krista get their first paid gig, tracking down a missing trucker. But when he turns up dead, and neither his employer nor his wife want to know why, our fledgling investigators get into some seriously sticky – and seriously dangerous – situations trying to crack the case. (Make sure to read it to the end for another surprise ending!)

Young Adult
August 17
Richard Clark
Richard Clark

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