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Justice is both a reality and a dream. It is a source of hope and of frustration. Justice, Like a mountain, affords many perspectives depending upon which side one is viewing. For persons who are well-established in life, justice is a wall of protection. For persons struggling with obstacles or battling mistreatment, justice is a door through a wall. The appropriate interaction between biblical justice and civil justice is difficult to define. There is also the term "social justice" which is controversial because of narratives, some intentionally false. The goal of this book is to shine a bright light of insight and educate by increasing understanding of both scriptural and unbiased lessons from history. It is also the aim of this book to bring matters related to racial minorities out of the historical shadows. In a world of false narratives and low information, it is essential that we have a firm grasp of facts, both historical and contemporary. The best opinions and concepts are formed from deep understanding. There are portions of this book that are difficult to read. It is important to accept those portions, not as a stimulus for guilty feelings, but as food for thought and motivation for change.This book will present many insights and opinions, which I will offer as one man's perspective. I trust you will find these insights relevant, reliable, valid, and useful to your life and our times.


CHAPTER 1 ~ What is Biblical Justice?
CHAPTER 2 ~ Social Justice and Church Engagement
CHAPTER 3 ~ Social Justice and Preparedness to Act
CHAPTER 4 ~ The Reign of Narratives
CHAPTER 5 ~ A Nation Founded on Christian Principles?
CHAPTER 6 ~ Christianity v. Christ
CHAPTER 7 ~ Dr. King’s Concept of Justice
CHAPTER 8 ~ May 25, 2020 George Floyd
CHAPTER 9 ~ Perceptions, PTSD, Incarceration, & Re-Entry
CHAPTER 10 ~ Blessings of Education and Perils of Mis-Education
CHAPTER 11 ~ Race Relations, Ten Suggestions
CHAPTER 12 ~ In the Words of John Wesley, “Thoughts On Slavery”
CHAPTER 13 ~ The Myth OF The Monolith
CHAPTER 14 ~ What Can We Do?
CHAPTER 15 ~ Success Stories
CHAPTER 16 ~ Justice and Governing Authorities
Glossary of Civil Justice
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