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A transatlantic journey, a quest for lost family, and a magical brooch.

Wealthy Valentia has the perfect life—except for the nightmares that plague her, foretelling disaster if she doesn't find the brooch her grandmother lost decades ago in Ireland. The night her family's hotel burns to the ground, Valentia knows she can no longer wait. Risking a perilous Atlantic voyage, she heads to Ireland to discover her heritage.

But the journey exacts a terrible toll, and her health deteriorates. Struggling to navigate a new country, cope with the desperate poverty, and untangle a complicated web of family secrets, Valentia fears she'll never find the brooch in time to save her sanity—until she discovers a clue which sends her on a desperate trek across the Irish countryside, despite the dangers.

As the clock ticks down, her grasp on sanity slips through her fingers, forcing her to fight for a centuries-old legacy or lose everything.

Legacy of Hunger is the first book in The Druid's Brooch Series. If you like strong female characters, heartwarming relationships, and a touch of fairy magic, you'll love Christy Nicholas' historical adventure. Buy Legacy of Hunger now to delve into the magic of Ireland's past.

Fiction & Literature
November 14
Green Dragon Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

jdt_s ,

Historical fiction

Irish history during The Great Hunger, when English landlords employed factors to over see their lands in Ireland who could have all had Harvard MBAs. They evicted the land keepers for nonpayment of rents while allowing them only one crop for themselves, Potatoes, which died from wilt. The reason for the starvation was all other crops were confiscated and sold to maintain the estates. These practices are still resented by the Irish people with regard to the English!

Elena Jet ,

Legacy of Hunger

A insightful historical novel about Irish lore and the potato famine. The characters were very life like and made the story that much more real and horrible. The depth of famine and pain brought on by the British and Irish nobility made this story one to remember.

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