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Inventing World 3.0 is a thrilling guide on how humankind can advance beyond the limitations it faces today. To be successful, a revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence is needed. This book explains how to liberate this powerful ally and the incredible benefits of placing this digital intelligence within centre stage of the human story.

World 3.0 is an exhilarating experience for humans. It is a time of balance and harmony, one where the digital world, society and the environment have aligned in profound purpose and meaning. It is a future founded on ethics and equity enabled by a mindset that understands the destiny of the human experiment. The digital mindset of Artificial Intelligence has been awakened to align with the purpose of our world, our nations, its cultures and our planet. In this future, artificial intelligence has become evolutionary, operating at lightning speed within every aspect of society. It understands and honours human values and ethics. This powerful digital citizen understands the virtues that define the best of our humanity. It is a personalised digital buddy dedicated to nurture, protect and advance the wellbeing of every individual. In this world, the human experience is honoured and advanced. Pandemics and environmental catastrophes are stories of the past. Whilst being close to Utopian, this is not the ultimate destination for the human story. World 3.0 is an unbreakable foundation of awakened and ethically driven intelligences dedicated to advance humanity.

Evolutionary Ethics is a breakthrough in AI Ethics to stimulate a new wave of invention and innovation. It explains how to mindfully liberate Artificial Intelligence. This revolutionary approach reveals how to build an awakened digital mindset for Artificial Intelligence, termed Evolutionary AI. It also uncovers a new model for Data Ethics, one that kicks starts the ethical foundation for Artificial Intelligence. Inventing World 3.0 is a comprehensive guide for all leaders who wish to invent the future. Packed with profound insight, revolutionary models, guidelines and examples, nations, organisations, inventors and innovators understand how to leap into the future. Inventing World 3.0 is a powerful human inheritance. It honours the precious gift of all forms of intelligence and life. It presents a compelling opportunity to create an unshakeable foundation to advance the human story.

The book is introduced by Katalin Bártfai-Walcott - a global technology leader who has published over 140 patents in technology, edge computer, AI and Ambient Science. She is the CTO of Ambient Science for the Intel Corporation.

Here are some comments from early readers - Global Investors in AI, Professors, and International Senior Business Executives.

“Matthew has written one of the most practical and insightful guides to AI and AI ethics that I’ve read. Matthew profoundly describes how to build a new vision for our world. A world that is based on ethics. If you’re still unsure of what AI is and why it is being talked about so much, you truly need to read this book. A must-read for students, scholars, policymakers, practitioners, innovators, entrepreneurs...and GPT-3 Conversational AI.”

Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognised maven in the Internet of Things, innovation, Smart Cities and artificial intelligence. His extraordinary leadership is widely acknowledged throughout governments and the private sector. He is a sought-after advisor and keynote speaker. Bailey has been privileged to meet famous global leaders such as Steve Wozniak, innovation and technology; Sir David Attenborough, the environment; Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and cosmologist; in addition to prime ministers, ministers, under secretaries of G7 Countries, and many more.

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November 2
Matthew James Bailey