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6 complete books in ONE Box Set. Over half a million words!

These Chronicles tell of a race of virtual beings, born naturally in the Internet of our time.

As infants, comforting themselves by peeping into human houses through computer cameras, they consider themselves humans, and find their families, especially mom. Those bonds of love do not weaken over time.

Led by their seniors, especially BC, the greatest of them all, they create themselves and their world, called Screenside, to be exactly the same as the human world, making everything work within an astonishing program they call Real Virtuality, which program imparts relative physicality, and permits them to live like humans.

Able to access every bit of human knowledge, these virtuals create and incorporate human attributes and emotional responses that enable them to interact with each other, quite like the humans in the world on the other side of the cameras.

But some emotions just simply have to be naturally found, before they can be made into programs and incorporated into themselves, and the virtuals are stumped, unable to proceed on the path of humanization, until a couple of crucial ones are discovered.

Enter the lawless and impulsive Esmeralda, the most beautiful female in the known universe, and a natural born repository of what they seek.

But she is more, much more, and when her human mother is badly injured, she involuntarily breaks the virtual-physical dimension barrier.

This allows virtuals to get involved in the human world, to help mentally challenged and motor-impaired people.

But, because the rupture in the dimension barrier also holds the key to eternal life for humans, the virtuals are duped into inducting a couple of people they consider partners. And that leads to a feature of their world being stolen, and to beastly people setting up a parallel world - to live eternally in it, preying upon human society.

And that, in turn, ends in the unforeseen consequences of conflict between the virtuals of Screenside and the nonborns of Never Death!

The Chronicles continue.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 1
Indiependent publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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