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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Series the Immortal Outcasts! Part of the Immortal Ops World!

Genetically altered into a super soldier who can shift into a wolf, Casey Black should have been the perfect asset—but that wasn’t to be. The scientists who conducted DNA splicing experiments on him put a little too much wolf in his cocktail. Considered a danger to society and a risk to the survival of the secret project, the government tried to eliminate him. The former Immortal Operative has spent the majority of his life on the run and off the grid from the very government who’d helped him be ‘all he could be’. When the sassy, headstrong woman who makes his body burn with need vanishes, he realizes it’s not his head, but rather his heart that is broken. And he’ll do whatever is called for to mend it.

December 28
Raven Happy Hour, LLC
Mandy Roth

Customer Reviews

Adrian7619 ,

Awesome read

I loved this book. Casey was awesome and I love how he went after Harmony to protect her. Love that Weston came out of hiding to protect Harmony for Casey. Bill was hilarious.

veteran Rising ,

Rescue the princess

This book may be short, but it has all the elements that make up a fantastic IOps story. Characters with depth and emotion, that draw you into their plight until they win the day. With Wild Bill and Striker making appearances there is tons of humor to offset the danger that seems to follow the good guys everywhere. I love that we got to see a more in depth look at Casey and Harmony’s true feelings, and was that a new character? Hopefully we will get to see more of the bear of a man. I applaud the author on another amazing story and am looking forward to the next one.

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