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Book 2 in the sexy GLAM rom-com series about a group of gloriously geeky ladies.

Chantal Koffi is sure she isn't good enough. After taking the dive years ago and publishing her webcomic online, she's watched, disheartened, as the meager fruits of her labor trickle in. She knew making a living from her work was a pipe dream, but she pinned her hopes and dreams on it coming true.

Since the art that holds true meaning for her isn't paying her bills, she's settled for channeling her abilities into an uninspiring graphic artist career. While she's not above doing what's necessary to make ends meet, the everyday proof that her art is only good at suckering hapless consumers into buying products they don't need is soul-crushing.

However, a chance meeting with a friend's coworker reminds her that her art isn't the only thing that matters to her. Marcus Tang is everything she's ever wanted in a guy: sexy, sensitive, funny, intelligent, and an artist like her. Her attraction to him can't be denied, and it isn't long before she finds herself falling for him.

But when a literary agent expresses interest in Marcus's novel, Chantal is forced to contend with a stark reality. As thrilled for him as she is, she can't ignore how painful it is to watch him find the success that continues to elude her.

Then an unexpected disaster upends her delicate balancing act, and she must face the possibility that, while her love for Marcus is strong, she may not be strong enough to fight for it.

Fiction & Literature
December 15
Sweenix Rising Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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