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Are you unhappy with your current paycheck?
Are you disappointed with your annual pay raise?
Are you willing to walk the extra mile to "grow your paycheck?"
Do you wish to grow in your professional career?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES, go ahead and read on.

Admit it, you must have thought that you are underpaid or you should get paid a little higher for all the work you are currently doing. If yes, then have you thought of the different possibilities to increase your performance to grow your paycheck?

What if I say: YES! You can "GROW YOUR PAYCHECK." How does that sound?

In this book, I have revealed effective strategies to uplift your professional career by improving your credibility and worthiness at your work and to make you one of the most dependable employees in your organization. The steps that I have narrated in this book are in the form of chapters that will make you re-think about your existing stand in your organization.

Once you have envisaged yourself, you should follow your plan of action. Ensure that all of your actions are strategically planned and going in the correct direction and you will achieve your goals in the very near future. Based on my professional experience of working in a corporate environment for over 15+ years, I have written the steps that are widely accepted and followed across the world by working professionals in various organizations.

After reading this book, you will change the way you think, feel, act, and behave in your corporate environment.

You will learn:
•Effective Strategies to advance up your professional career
•Improvise your credibility & Worthiness
•Boost your performance
•Stay in LIMELIGHT in your job and
•ULTIMATELY increase your chances of GROWING YOUR PAYCHECK

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September 23
Swapnil Modi
Draft2Digital, LLC

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