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Unique life philosophy, powerful techniques & formulas to raise prana energy, expand consciousness, relinquish negativity, find your eternal reality, awaken the soul within and become master thinker having tremendous control over emotions & focus; A REAL YOU who has been created to win in each & every situation of life be it any!!!

It does not mean that problems will end in life. In-fact problems are inevitable, part of everybody's life & a perfect divine plan to make you grow & evolve in life. Then what is the problem; it is the loss of your natural ability to cross hurdles effortlessly. The purpose of this book is to remind your natural intelligence which is omnipotent, eternal & source of all solutions

Do you

-Feel upset, stressed, angry, anxious, sad most of the time

-Experience unexplained pains, chronic diseases and nothing has worked

-Unable to handle difficult people & situations

-Feel others are controlling your life

-Wrongly perceives situations most of the times, blindly trust others, not able to decide with clarity or if decide not able to act

-Find it difficult to achieve your dreams, goals

-Have undue problems in 1,2,3 or all major areas of life Health, wealth, relations, profession or even if successful you still feel some void or lack in life

See physical life is characterized by needs, wants & desires. And fulfilment of same constitutes success & happiness in life. But most of the times we work very hard, chase dreams, give best & still fail and it is all more frustrating when we witness others achieve success with little or no hard work. They seem to be lucky. What is the difference?

#1 truth of life All humans are born with same mind & body having preinstalled codes/software for successful, purposeful, loving & passionate life. But humans have varying degree of energy & consciousness. Lower consciousness corrupts these codes leading to bias in 3 core karmas (Perceptions, decisions & actions) & thus miserable life. Higher consciousness activates these codes making your Karmas righteous leading to right results. So different people having same mind & body but varying degree of consciousness leads to varying karmas and hence varying degree of results in life

And varying degree of consciousness is only due to varying degree of connection with your source. The focus of the book is on UNIVERSAL SOURCE of life, ONE CAUSE of all problems i.e. weak connection with source. The only ONE SOLUTION is strengthening connection with source

3 PARTS of book for step by step life mastery 

Part A- Understand the fundamental laws, science & source of you, mind, life the universe and everything.

Part B- Master spirituality and awakening self, Master your thinking, Master your emotions, Master your focus, enhance decision making and problem solving

Part C- Master spiritual eating habits, meditation techniques, meditation breathing, spiritual body postures etc.

This will help you

-To discover source within, awakening energy and focus, expand consciousness, develop emotion intelligence & spiritual strength

-Open up real truth breaking all limiting beliefs

-Activate intuition, creativity, courage, confidence, self-belief

-Find hidden talents, purpose, passion & live that

-And much more to discover a stronger, valuable YOU

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January 7
Chetan Bansal
Draft2Digital, LLC