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How our Brand Career playbook will work for you.

I wrote the Brand Career playbook to help my fellow brand management professionals reach their full potential.

In our first two books, Beloved Brands and B2B Brands playbooks, we focused on the brand. This new book, Brand Career, is about you. I will lay out the marketing skills, leadership behaviors, and on-the-job experiences you need to find your success. We borrow some of our tools from the other playbooks as a foundation, and then we will show you how to use these tools to become part of your skillset to use throughout your career.

We will start by getting you to assess what you naturally bring to your marketing career, whether your core strength is running the business, marketing execution, strategic planning, or people leadership. If you have an obvious strength, build your career around it instead of trying to be something you are not. Then we will get you to understand how you think and how you decide that sets up four types of brand leaders: strategic thinkers, instinctual thinkers, taskmasters, and consensus socializers.

We build our Brand Career playbook around the marketing skills, leadership behaviors, and on-the-job experiences that you need to collect throughout your marketing career. While many will show up naturally in your career, you will end up with specific gaps due to specific jobs you have along your journey. It is akin to collecting these skills based on the opportunities in front of us.

The skills we focus on include strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand plans, marketing execution, and marketing analytics.

From there, we will lay out a game plan of what it takes to move up from an entry-level role up to the VP/CMO level. To help you in your career, we will show you how to build and use your personal brand.

The purpose of our Brand Career playbook is not to provide you with my answer. I will put forward many different thinking tools with questions to help you find your answers and build your pathway to success.

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January 11
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