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Book one in the Coven of Desire series

He's not your typical werewolf-next-door.

Layla hadn't counted on a sex demon appearing in her living room. Nor did she expect to find she's a witch, tasked with protecting the mortal realm. And now her friend, fellow nursing student and impossible crush could be a potential killer?

She's silently lusted after Cal for a year, knowing a guy that hot, sweet and kind wouldn't look twice at her. All their flirting was innocent and went nowhere, until Ink—the incubus bound to her—ran into her life and bed. Next thing she knows, Cal's growling at her while Ink flirts, and women are being ripped apart by wild animals. Couldn't the murder monster mystery wait until after finals?

She wanted to be a nurse, not a paranormal investigator, but Layla has no choice. Apparently only witches can stop these creatures that she didn't even know existed a month ago. But the deeper she digs, the more it looks like Cal's deep in the middle of it all. How can she save her friend from the claws of a cult, keep her sex-craved demon happy and find a way to let both into her hear

March 16
Totally Entwined Group
Chicago Review Press, Inc. DBA Independent Publishers Group

Customer Reviews

Byonks19 ,

Ok Start

This books FMC is named Layla and she’s going through a bit of a growth spurt -magically that is. The men in her life don’t make anything easy, besides sex. The ending gives an unknown curveball and I’m excited to see how the next book plays out.

viro1963 ,

Great start

Wow, totally enjoyed reading this book it was written and has a well developed storyline that had me hooked from the start through to the end. The characters are engaging and entertaining.

I received a copy and am voluntary leaving my honest review.

Clillies92 ,

A Fun, Fresh Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance with Characters to Love

Creativity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

World-building: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pacing: ⭐⭐⭐

Character growth: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Editing/Proofreading: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Claw is a paranormal/fantasy reverse harem romance. It follows Layla who is both a nursing student as well as learning to become a witch. When her witch "training" began she was.... 'assigned' a demon, though she might have kind of accidentally summoned it. Layla seems to be the type of student that learns best by doing (and maybe messing it up a couple of times). This might be why she's struggling with her nursing exams.

There's some very fun and funny banter between a myriad of the characters.

This paranormal world Ellen has built is unique and a bit confusing. There are times where it feels like there was an explanatory bit of info earlier in the book that was edited out. There are discussions that happen, especially around Layla's witch-hood that can be kind of confusing, but I think they might be meant to, as Layla doesn't fully understand witchdom, so how could the reader be expected to.

Ink is the incubus demon Layla finds herself paired with. She learns things about his powers and motivations throughout which definitely twist that relationship up. The book starts with a relatively simple bonded sexual relationship betwixt them that rapidly becomes more complex. He's sort of trying to teach her how to be a witch, but as he isn't one himself and neither of them seems to have a witch teacher to turn to, they're both kind of stumbling in the dark. It leads to some fun (if mildly confusing) conversations. There are some interesting fantasy elements that Mint has worked into the world through the witch powers.

Claw we learn is Cal, and Cal is this super cute, somewhat reserved fellow nursing student that Layla has moon eyes for (pun intended) ;). He seems very much the boy next door, though we learn quite quickly that all with him and his family is not as simple and normal as it may appear at first blush. I really like how his family history and upbringing works into the story. We meet his brothers Eli and Mark and their familial dynamic is certainly an interesting one.

The pacing was great in some places and in others, less so. There were some lulls, and other times where things moved SO quickly, I had to go back and re-read a couple of pages to make sure I got all the time and place transitions straight. But all in all, I'd give it a B+ or an A- as it didn't ever completely lose me or lull for long enough to not beckon me back to reading after a day or so of reading something else. Ultimately it was the characters that I wanted to learn more about. They're definitely intriguing and we get information about them in little drips and drops, in many ways, as they're kind of learning about each other, and it works very well and it really helps you to feel invested in all of the characters (even that wiley, believes-he's-evil incubus that has vaguely Spock-like emotional aptitude at times).

Ultimately I really enjoyed the characters and the world built (once I felt I got a good grasp on it). I would definitely recommend this to others to read, though caution that it's not something you're necessarily going to sit down and binge in one sitting. The world is a bit too complicated for that and it can take some brief rumination of the "magic implications" to understand what's going on logistically, so you can, in turn, better understand what's happening relationally and emotionally.

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