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This is the Only Wilderness Medicine Book You Need!

Could you save yourself or a loved one when there are no doctors around?

All too often travelers and outdoor enthusiasts get sick, injured, or worse.

Learn how to prevent and cure a wide range of ailments whether at home, abroad, or in the wilderness.

Discover how to heal yourself, because this comprehensive manual has all the information you need.

Get it now.

A Wilderness Medicine Handbook Like No Other

* Diagnoses and treatments for a wide range of injuries and illnesses.

* How to improvise what you need when modern medicine isn't available.

* Pharmaceuticals, medicinal plants, veterinary substitutes, and other alternative remedies.

* Preventative methods so you don't get sick/injured in the first place.

* Safe use and dosage instructions for suggested medications.

* Sample wilderness medicine kit that you can take on a commercial flight.

Information for Each Condition Contains

* A brief description.

* Possible symptoms.

* Appropriate treatment(s) depending on the situation.

* Other supplementary information, e.g., causes, prevention, alternative remedies, complications.

A 2-Part Wilderness Medicine Field Guide

Quickly find what you're looking for in an emergency situation.

Part I is must-read information covering:

* Anatomy: Learn how the body's systems work individually and as a whole. This makes diagnoses easier.

* Prevention Medicine: Prevention is the best cure. Learn how to avoid getting sick and/or injured in the first place.

* First Aid Kit: An inventory and simple explanation of a first aid kit for travelers.

* Medications Guide: Information on the safe use of the medications in this book.

* Immediate First Aid: What to do in life-threatening medical situations.

* Secondary Exam: A secondary exam will help you to make an accurate medical diagnosis.

* Moving a Patient: Safe ways to move a patient.

Part II is diagnoses and treatments. It is uniquely categorized by cause and/or body area to enable quick searching.

* Environmental: Tropical diseases, heat and cold injuries, plants and animals, jetlag, etc.

* Head: Headaches, brain injuries, ears, eyes, and nose infections, dental issues, etc.

* Circulation: Shock, dehydration, diabetes, etc.

* Digestive: Diarrhea, constipation, food poisoning, motion sickness, etc.

* Genitourinary: STI's, pregnancy, UTI's, etc.

* Integumentary: Skin disorders, nail injuries, splinters, etc.

* Musculoskeletal: Sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, etc.

* Respiratory: Asthma, strep-throat, bronchitis, cold and flu, pneumonia, etc.

... and much more.

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No matter where you go you need this book, because the information inside it saves lives.

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