Falling at First Sight

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From Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Willow Winters comes a steamy, small-town romance.

His smile is what got me.

It was charming but held a hint of the sexy thoughts I was hoping he had in his head like I did with only our first glance.

He may be tall, dark and handsome but I’m telling you, it was his smile that got me. I’m sure of that detail.

Too bad all I did was avert my gaze and let a blush rise up to my cheeks, outing me for having sordid thoughts about my son’s preschool teacher.

Trent Morgan was everything I ever wanted, but there was no way I was ever going there.

Even if I had fallen at first sight …

Falling at First Sight is a contemporary romance short story - sweet and sexy - with a happily ever after.

February 17
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

95one ,

Loved it!

I enjoyed reading this fun, sweet, short, but sexy story of the single parents Trent Morgan and Autumn Holloway. Autumn and her group of single parents are enamored with the preschool teacher, Trent Morgan. Autumn’s son, Henry and Trent’s son, Chase are best friends and attend the same school. Both Trent and Autumn have been fighting their feelings for each other for over a year. The chemistry between the characters was swift, hot and palpable—it was lust at first site for Trent. I hope this is not the end of their story.

Fa qu ,

Small town love

Trent and Autumn are so cute. She’s not looking for romance, but Trent is looking at her. This story is short, sweet, and sexy.

As a bonus we meet Magnolia, who has her own sexy story in Tequila Rose.

I’m enjoying the residents of this town. They have some good times.

Szmoromou ,


When you are attracted to your son's preschool teacher, it can only lead to one thing.... one steamy love story. Trent and Autumn have been sharing a year of innocent flirtations. Trent has been having some very inappropriate thoughts of his preschool student's mother Autumn. What he would do if he had the chance to bend her over his desk. Autumn can't stop thinking about her son's teacher Trent, some scandalous thoughts that shouldn't and couldn't be shared. Trent is the talk of her friend's group and has been claimed by Autumn's friend Sharon. As much as she wants to share her attraction to Trent, she knows that the girl code won't allow. So what happens when Autumn is asked out for a coffee date none other than Trent himself? A very guilty but also excited Autumn. When that date leads to a REAL DATE? Well how could Autumn say no when it is clear that Trent wants more than just innocent flirtation. Is Autumn willing to risk her friendship with Sharon to possibly have future with Trent? In a small town, where gossip travels faster than a wild fire, can Trent and Autumn's scandalous night stay hidden?

Falling at First Sight was the perfect short introduction to Autumn and Trent. It was a sweet, sexy and just perfection.

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