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This comprehensive textbook for undergraduate-level anatomy and physiology courses in communication sciences and disorders programs is neither oversimplified nor excessively detailed. The book is written with clinical endpoints in mind, and only those topics that are ultimately important to understanding, evaluating, and managing clients with speech, hearing, and swallowing disorders are covered.

Drawing on material from the best-selling Preclinical Speech Science: Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception, Third Edition textbook (Hixon, Weismer, & Hoit, 2020), the authors have provided chapters that cover basic concepts in anatomy and physiology, each of the speech subsystems (respiratory, laryngeal, velopharyngeal-nasal, and pharyngeal oral), the auditory system, swallowing physiology, and neural structures and mechanisms that support speech/language, hearing, and swallowing. The text was carefully crafted to meet the needs of entry-level university students and the figures were designed to feature the key elements of the concepts discussed in the text.

New to the Second Edition

New author, Brad Story, PhD, who brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the book
New introductory chapter that covers several basic concepts of anatomy and physiology
More than 25 videos that demonstrate key concepts in the text, most of which were created specifically for this book
Clinical Notes sections that highlight the relevance of anatomy and physiology to the clinical practices of speech-language pathology and audiology
Nearly 100 new or updated illustrations
Extensively revised text to enhance clarity and provide support for beginning students
Updated material based on recent literature

Key Features

Numerous beautiful, full-color illustrations
Complex information presented clearly and concisely, in an easy-to-understand manner
Clinical applications to basic anatomy and physiology are woven throughout the book

Disclaimer: Please note that ancillary content (such as documents, audio, and video, etc.) may not be included as published in the original print version of this book.

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