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With a dragon for a father and a fire witch for a mother, Phaedra Brandhart burns hot. Caught behind enemy lines, she comes face to face with the one Alpha wolf who might be able to handle her flame.


Fire is my birthright.

If the world discovered my power,

Men would steal it.

To use. Corrupt. And sell.

They would take the fire from my veins and leave me cold and dying.

Let them try.

I know how to disguise my true nature.

Turn the tables on those who would hurt my kind.

Infiltrate their operation.

Let them think I'm the one buying the magic they steal.

I had them all fooled until I met Archer.

Leave it to a damned Alpha wolf to see me for what I am.

His ice-blue eyes see through me and stoke the flames I'm trying to hide.

Will he sell my secret?

Will I give in to the craving his touch brings out in me?

Will he claim me for himself?

Heaven help me, I hope so.


She is bait.

Nothing more.

Her job is to dance for the crowd and make them hungry.

My job is to make sure they never get close enough to taste.

They see her magic and want some of their own.

That's the game.

But something special burns inside of her.

It brings out the animal in me.

Now I'm the one who wants to take a bite.

I've got to keep my head on straight

Or I'll lose myself.

I'll never find out the truth about who I am.

And I must.

Only one secret can stay hidden.

Phaedra's or mine.

March 10
Nokay Pres LLC
Nokay Press LLC

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Behatch1 ,

I am loving this series!

I will be short and blunt with my review. It is a GREAT Series! You will not be disappointed! I cannot wait for the next book!!!! If you’re looking for a new books series to start I highly recommend this one! But to be honest I would start with Wild lake wolves series first and work my way up to this set.

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