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The latest action-packed instalment of a bestselling paranormal cozy mystery series.

When one of Lily's friends is in trouble, she'll do whatever she can to help, even if it means risking her life.

When one of Beren's ex-girlfriends is killed in a hit-and-run accident, the team is quickly on the case. It doesn't take long for them to realise it wasn't an accident. What's worse is that all the evidence points to Beren.

Chad is happy to jump on the throw-Beren-in-Jail bandwagon, and he tries to thwart Angelica, James, Lily and the gang at every turn. His behaviour is beyond frustrating and could mean Beren spends the rest of his life locked up.

While the good witches at the PIB do their best to untangle the mystery, they might have to face the fact that Beren is guilty. Loathe to believe their kind friend is capable of such a cold-hearted murder, they continue to dig for clues, and it's not long before Liv and Lily are in grave danger.

Can they get themselves out of the mess this time, or have they finally run out of luck? And will Chad and the directors get what they desire—the demise of Angelica, her supportive friends, and the PIB? One thing's for sure—if Chad gets his way, the world as Lily knows it will be gone forever....

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Mysteries & Thrillers
May 24
Dionne Lister
Smashwords, Inc.

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