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Take an indie trip through 25 years of dreampop, shoegaze, post-rock, ambient and electronic music with Ryan Anderson - musician and former editor of the music zine Masstransfer.

Over the past year, he has pulled together all of the music content from issues covering 1997-2003, adding contemporary commentary and updates on many of the bands and musicians who are still active.

In addition to almost 40 band profiles--from The American Analog Set to Windy & Carl--Ryan covers several music scenes that provided much of the content found in the pages of the zine. These include: Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Texas, Eastern Canada (Montreal, Toronto) and Scandinavia. As a nod to the artists that influenced the sound of Masstransfer, an entire chapter is devoted to "Our English Icons"--seminal 90s groups like Stereolab, Broadcast, Spiritualized and Flying Saucer Attack.

As a "Coda" to the Masstransfer story, Anderson provides a glimpse into the closure of the zine and subsequent reboot as a podcast, and offers his take on where the music scene is headed into the future.

Recommended for anyone who was part of the scene in the 90s, whether you were in a band, worked at a record store or college radio station, or just a fan of these bands.

The Featured Bands: Landing, The Asteroid No. 4, Rachel Goldstar/Experimental Aircraft/All in the Golden Afternoon), Air Formation, Adrien75/Carpetbomb Records, Lenola/Twin Atlas/Lazy Salon, Accelera Deck/Chris Jeely, Tex La Homa, Mazarin/Therisphere/Light Heat, Bright/Forma, Au Revoir Borealis, Windy & Carl, The American Analog Set, Kiln/Earthtone Collective, lovesliescrushing, Yellow6, Seely, Tristeza/The Album Leaf, The Electrosonics, Hinterland, Meisha, Jessamine/Fontanelle, Jessica Bailiff, Her Space Holiday, Perplexa, Cerberus Shoal, Portal, All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, Dallas, Telemetry Orchestra/Clan Analogue, Isobella, Aleutian, Charles Atlas, Seven Percent Solution, Signaldrift, Electric Birds, Coastal, Severance. 

Other Bands Include: Outrageous Cherry, Getaway Cruiser, Tomorrowland, Gravity Wax, Monaural, Delta Waves, Intermodal, No More Than Seven, Fuxa, Paik, Bent Leg Fatima, Azusa Plane/Jason DiEmelio, The Sea & Cake, Tortoise, Pulseprogramming, Daniel Givens, L'Altra, Western Automatic, Morning Recordings, Transona Five, Do Make Say Think, Fly Pan Am, Twine, Casino Vs. Japan, Pole, Jega, Nudge, CNS Engineering, Four Tet, Transient Waves, Languis, Mogwai, Aartika, Charlene, Should, Greg Davis, Land of Nod, Malory.

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April 10
Ryan Anderson
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