The Nick Drake Novels: Books 1 - 3

(The Nick Drake Mystery Series Box Set 1)

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Publisher Description

The first three suspense thrillers in the Nick Drake series from award-winning author Dwight Holing.

Take a ride in the high lonesome with Vietnam veteran turned wildlife ranger Nick Drake as he discovers the war at home can be just as deadly. Dwight Holing draws on his deeply rooted connection to the American West and understanding of the natural world to create masterful stories. With memorable characters and prose that crackles like the unforgiving setting, he builds suspense as powerful as a force of nature.

Readers agree about the Nick Drake Novels:

★★★★★ Smart, thrilling, beautifully-written page-turners.

★★★★★ A love song to a remote land.

★★★★★ Couldn't put it down!

★★★★★ Excellent contemporary western.

★★★★★ Love the emphasis on Native American folklore and mysticism.

★★★★★ Nick Drake is the real deal.

THE SORROW HAND (Book 1): It's 1968 and Nick Drake has a chest full of medals and enough demons to fill a duffle bag. He’s been trained to kill, but never retrained to rejoin society. He flees to Harney County, Oregon in search of redemption and takes a job patrolling wildlife refuges. But then he stumbles across a girl’s body ritually placed in a gully. Her murder is only the beginning, and he must face humanity’s heart of darkness once again if he’s to stop a killer from turning even more gullies into graves.

THE PITY HEART (Book 2): When a fighter pilot from a nearby Air Force base mysteriously plummets onto a wildlife refuge, Nick is plunged into a deadly showdown with the military. A vexing mystery involving multiple murders ensues, and he must turn to the old ways of his Paiute neighbors to hunt for a vicious killer and bring justice to the pitiless high desert.

THE SHAMING EYES (Book 3): Spring finally comes to the high desert after an especially bitter winter, but for every new beginning, something old must give way. Someone is poisoning wild horses and a vicious killer escapes from prison. A murder thrusts Nick into a desperate manhunt that turns into a fight for survival to protect those he holds dear. Spring quickly turns into a season of dying and life in Harney County will never be the same.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 31
Jackdaw Press
Dwight Holing

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