Amaging™Growing Old On Purpose

Shift from Reluctantly Aging to Intentionally Aging

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"This book gives practical steps to take action with personal examples and helpful resources. Reading it inspired me to be a better friend, gave me new energy for new habits, and grew my desire for a stronger prayer life." —Jill Renken, MPH, CHES, Aging Professional

"How's a person to thrive late in life, given gravitational pull, increasing fatigue and culture's age biases? 'With intentionality!' says author Margie Hackbarth. With personally crafted affirmations the results are simply Amaging!" —Phillip L. Ransom, Writer, Communicator

“This was a really good book for someone like me, who at 59, is retiring soon. I often fear old age and health/mental issues, such as dementia. This book shed a positive light on these issues, and the affirmations helped alleviate some of my anxiety over aging. I will continue to refer to this book as my I start this exciting new chapter in my life.” – 5 Stars, NetGalley Reviews

"This is a great roadmap to healthy aging and living life to the fullest. It's brilliantly written, a joy to read and loaded with valuable information." —Tony Omernik, Advocate for Healthy Aging and Retirement Coach

We all want the best of growing older:
Keeping consistent healthy lifestyle & good habitsMaintaining muscle tone & staminaSustaining meaningful connections & friendshipsNurturing a strong faithStaying positive about aging
There’s just one problem: the older we get, the harder it gets!

Sound familiar? In Amaging™, author Margie Hackbarth reveals the ways affirmations help us set and achieve meaningful goals during this phase of life’s journey. This includes how to recognize and tackle unconscious and deep-rooted age bias. She teaches how to pause to reflect. Then guides readers to shift from reluctantly aging to intentionally aging.

Religion & Spirituality
June 30
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