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A Must Read for any Senior. What a surprise. Who could be happy when divorced after 56 years? And yet, the author, Brenda Frank, has found her path from sadness to joy. This is an intelligent, witty and very insightful book. I laughed and I nearly cried. This book isn't just for the divorced either. It should be a must read for anyone who is (as I am) a "senior" and now retired...looking towards the latter part of my life with some trepidation....

"Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy?" is a humorous primer that speaks directly to the reader with sage advice on avoiding the pitfalls of grey divorce.

You've been served! How many people, after 56 years of marriage, and at the age of 75, have been served divorce papers? That chilling proclamation, followed by the dissolution of my marriage inspired me to create "Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy?" I always assumed, like finding out you have an incurable disease, "It will never happen to me". Assume nothing.

My goal is to prevent other divorcees and singles like you from making mistakes I made while tripping and slipping to my finish line. I earned the right to give advice, with a smattering of zing and my own style of humor, resulting in this guide to the fun of being a party of one. I hope to  help you

Turn your "we" into a "me". 

Heal the pain of divorce, get past the grief and embrace what comes next

Come up with ideas on how to reinvent yourself  and trust your instincts

Protect yourself financially and emotionally during divorce

Let your libido come back to life

Channel the pain of divorce into motivation and take advantage of the change to reposition yourself into a new life of your own creation. 

After reading "Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy?" you'll be closer to flying solo.

June 16
Brenda Frank
Draft2Digital, LLC

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