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#1 New Release and 5-Star Rated!

"Middle-school-age-appropriate structure and vocabulary and fast-paced action make this an easy read for fourth to sixth graders, who will enjoy the descriptions of completely unempathetic adults." --The BookLife Prize

"Andrew Luria, a real-life news and sports anchor, takes Charlie and Emma on a lively jaunt through space and time, and sports milestones, in this wonderfully-illustrated page-turner." --The BookLife Prize


Charlie Marley changed history as we know it. Which is incredible, considering he's the clumsiest kid on God's green earth. All it took was a few wrong turns, a couple accidental slips and one terribly misguided time-traveling golf cart to make it happen. Not to mention the threat of the scariest teacher in the universe, Mrs. Cooper the Pooper Scooper!

Along the way, Charlie and his travel partners meet Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Babe Zaharias, John Elway and Mary Lou Retton. They try to dodge the deceptive members of the time travel police. And last--but certainly not least--they witness the most horrifying sight they ever could have imagined.

If they can earn their Time Travel Wings without breaking any of the time travel rules, they just might be able to change the most embarrassing ending in World Series history. But one wrong move, and they'll be sent off to do hard time in a galaxy far, far away. Looking back, perhaps they never should have gotten in that bizarre-looking high-tech golf cart in the first place.

What would you do?!


Seven-time Emmy Award-winner Andrew Luria makes his children’s book debut with this fun and informative middle-grade series, combining history, sports, time-travel and adventure!

"Great for young sports enthusiasts!"

"My 11-year-old son can’t say enough great things about this book!!"


Fans of the Baseball Card Adventures and the Magic Tree House Series will love The Adventures of Charlie Marley!

Think Forrest Gump, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Back To The Future, based on sports, for kids!


"Our elementary school boys LOVE this book!"

"A very entertaining book for adults and kids alike!"


"Time travel steers the group into the fray of six unforgettable moments in sports, from Babe Ruth’s called shot at the World Series and the Stanford band storming the field against Cal to misadventures involving Mary Lou Retton, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan and Babe Didrikson Zaharias." --San Diego Union Tribune


"It mixes make-believe with facts that revolve around milestone events that Luria wants this generation to embrace." --The Coast News


"It's a very large book. I mean, it's a lot of pages. So, this'll be good." --ESPN's Tony Kornheiser

Sports & Outdoors
December 8
Beachside Publishing Co.
Andrew Luria
Grades 3-7