GenerationS Volume 1: How to Grow Your Church Younger and Stronger

The Story of the Kids who Built a World-Class Church

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Publisher Description

This is the story of the kids who built a world-class church — Heart of God Church started as a divine experiment to build a prototype Youth Church. Now it has developed into a proof of concept that Youths can build a STRONG CHURCH.

GenerationS is a mindset-shifting, heart-changing book that shows you how to raise up generations of young people in your church to build His kingdom.

After over 20 years, this youth church, operated by youths, for youths to reach youths, still has an average age of 22.

“I see a great struggle in the global churches in keeping the young people… At Heart of God Church, things are different. After ministering in the biggest churches and conferences all over the world, what I’ve witnessed at Heart of God Church is unlike anything I have experienced before. What Heart of God Church has wonderfully modelled for us all should not only be applauded and admired; it should also be reproduced everywhere.”

– JOHN BEVERE, International bestselling author The Bait of Satan, Co-Founder, Messenger International

“On my most recent visit, one of my band was so wowed by the environment of the visual/video tech room – where he saw not just one operator at each station, but three... (This) was so impressive – there was one operator, one trainer and one trainee. These were people in their mid to high teens, some as young as 12 or 13... Considering the amount of responsibility a video/visual team carries in a large service, and how much specialised technical skill there is to learn... he was amazed. There was a beautiful trust being placed in these young people... and ultimately it’s the Jesus model of discipleship.”

– MATT REDMAN, Two-time Grammy Award winner, singer-songwriter and worship leader

Bonus #1: Contributors and ‘Inside Stories’

Read 1,000+ word contributions from 13 other contributing writers that provide an ‘inside look’ and 360º view of HOGC.

•Director of Global Relations, a Westerner’s perspective on an Asian church

•Board member in his 60s, on what older people do in a youth church

•Chief of Staff, on what goes on inside the Senior Pastors’ Office

•Head of Global Partnerships, on what co-senior pastoring looks like

Bonus #2: Comes with Digital Companion

Go beyond the chapters! Access 100+ bonus content and interactive materials when you scan QR codes from within the book.

About the Author

Pastor How and his wife Pastor Lia are founding senior pastors of Heart of God Church Singapore and co-authors of the book GenerationS.

They are Gen X-ers who raised Millennial leaders to grow Gen Z leaders to reach Gen Alphas.

Pastor How believes youth are leaders today, not just tomorrow, and has raised up thousands passionate for God.

He is the visionary, leadership, strategy and organisation guy. His passion and burden is to see Strong GenerationS Churches built, worthy of God’s glory. Pastor How is also a businessman and funder but what matters most to him is being a godly father to GenerationS of young pastors and leaders!

He shares the story of the kids who built a world-class church and how to grow your church younger and stronger on

For more, check out or connect with him on Instagram (, Facebook and Twitter.

Pastor Lia and her husband Pastor How are co-founders, co-senior pastors of Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore and co-authors of the book GenerationS.

She is a former journalist, preacher, cancer survivor, worship team builder and trainer. This serial discipler has been raising young leaders for more than 20 years. Her life verse is Isaiah 58:12 – “... You shall raise up the foundations of many GenerationS…”

This is only possible because her life message is “GenerationS are Not Replacements. GenerationS are Reinforcements.”

She shares the story of the kids who built a world-class church and how to grow your church younger and stronger on

For more, check out or connect with her on Instagram (@pastor.lia) and Facebook.

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October 6
Heart of God Church
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Customer Reviews

C David. ,

A Masterpiece! Must read for pastors and leaders!

This is a fantastic book that goes behind the scenes to share the principles and realistically what it takes to build a strong church. It showcases the good, bad and challenges. At the end of the day, it demonstrate the grace and miracles of God on what is possible if we are faithful to the next generation. It brings your through a range of emotions and it is mindset shifting. It is simply a Masterpiece. Refreshing and thought-provoking. Highly recommended for all pastors and leaders who are serious in building a strong church for Jesus!

y2284 ,

Inspirational and practical read

Inspiring read! This book is easily my best read of 2021. Highly recommended for parents, youth workers, church leaders and just anyone who has a heart for young people.

Theory comes to life through the stories & practical examples of people who have done ministry with youth and generations successfully for over 20 years. Add to that contributing writers' perspectives and the additional videos and materials that come with the book also really help to deep dive on the concepts.

As someone who has worked with youth ministries of all sizes, I find this book is relevant and applicable to any size of church or youth ministry. It goes beyond just ideas to a whole mindset shift + heart change + systematic approach necessary to reach, engage and disciple youths and build a strong church.

I think this is a great book for anyone working with youths. And I think it also makes a great tool for church leadership teams to go through if they're serious about reaching the young generation.

Mactan109 ,

Everything said in this book is real!

13-year-old cell group leaders... 15-year-old media directors... If you work with young people, you'll definitely find this book useful. The authors have managed to condense 20 years of transforming young people into dynamic christian leaders into a single book. You'll surely love the catchy quotes and principles and heartwarming stories.