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A Secret Fantasy
You know that one thing you don't tell a soul? For me, it's a desire to escape, a need to run, to be caught, held down and...
That is what I'm afraid of.
And it's what I want the most.
I've come here to find it.
A Primal, alone
I'm the crowned king of Kink Camp, the man everyone reveres…and stays away from. I've given up on finding a play partner.
Until fate steps in and I see her: The woman from my statue. From my dreams.
She's innocent, alone, begging for things she doesn't understand. It's dark and it's wild and it's dangerous, what we both want. To be hunted…to hunt. To run, to take, to plumb the very depths of our souls in pursuit of so much more than pleasure.
But now that we've opened this door, nothing is the same. This isn't just desire, it's need. What started as a game has become real life.
And once she's gone, I'll be a man alone. A Primal without his mate.
I'll still be king. But what is a king without his queen?
What happens at Kink Camp stays with you…forever
Kink Camp is a world apart, a place where pain is pleasure, hate can be love, and we are all our own true selves. Every act is consensual, every person respected—unless that's not what they want. This book plunges you into the deep end, with consensual non-consent, forced fantasy, and primal play. Tread carefully.

March 3
Adriana Anders
Draft2Digital, LLC

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