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A Reckless Kings MC romance.

Whisper -- Abducted at a young age, I’d learned to live with the brutal man who’d kidnapped me. Quick with his fists, he made sure I knew to keep quiet and do as I was told. Until nearly a decade later. When Forge came to confront the man I’m forced to call “Dad,” I knew it was my one chance. Saying my true name for the first time was both thrilling and scary. Going to live with a bunch of bikers was even more so. But I found out soon enough there wasn’t anything Forge wouldn’t do for me. I might have had a crush on him. Just a bit. Then my world imploded once more, and I ran. Now he’s back, and I’m terrified and excited all at once.

Forge -- One of the boys who attacked Whisper is out on parole, and I know she’s clueless. I only intended to make sure she was all right. How the hell I ended up claiming her son as my own, then marrying her, is beyond me. Can’t say I’m too broken up about it. Whisper is all grown up, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want her.

With her attacker’s whereabouts unknown, and my club pissed at me, there’s a lot on my plate. But I have to say, bringing Whisper and little Jacob home with me had to be the best idea I ever had. Now that they’re mine, I’ll do anything to hold onto them.

WARNING: Forge is part of the Reckless Kings MC series. While it can be read as a stand-alone, you may enjoy the series more when read in order. The story contains violence, bad language, and adult situations, as well as darker content some may find difficult to read.

November 26
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Melissa Kemp-Toner ,

Love Forge!

I love Forge and Whisper! Forge found Whisper when she was fifteen and brought her to the Reckless Kings. The worst possible thing could happen and Whisper left. Many took it that she abandoned the club but her dad Brick and Forge knew she needed a change. Forge kept an eye on her and when time came he claimed Whisper and Jacob. This story shows us that club girls are people too and aren’t always there because they want to be.

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