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Book 3 in the epic romantic fantasy novella series, The Forgotten Kingdom.

After the success of their initial missions, Caya and Morgan return to his kingdom to consider their next steps. Still wary of their supposed ally, Karima, they're unsettled by the fact that their hopes of defeating Arnost appear to hinge on her. Their alliance provides her with an undeniable advantage, and neither Caya nor Morgan trust that she has Caya's best interests at heart.

Caya's misgivings about Karima aren't the only thing troubling her. A dawning awareness of how little she knows about her own father and his past plagues her. And while she's determined to see her kingdom grapple with and atone for the wrongs it has committed, the thought of becoming the face of the rebellion leaves her conflicted. Will her people see her as their liberator or as a traitor?

Meanwhile, Morgan is struggling with his envy and resentment. Having sacrificed so much, the necessity of fading into the background stings. Worse yet, his darkest, most secret fears have begun to take hold. What if defeating Arnost doesn't break the spell entrapping his kingdom? What if everything he's done has been in vain?

As word of Karima's and Caya's alliance spreads, a new group of Rostands makes overtures toward the resistance, claiming they disapprove of the official Rostand policy of appeasement, and intimating that they too want to free Rostand from Arnost's grip. Karima makes no secret of her desire to use the group to drive a wedge between Rostand's queen and her regents, but can Morgan and Caya trust that if they do defeat Arnost, Karima won't turn on them next?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 16
Sweenix Rising Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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