The Truth About Spiritual Gifts

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Have you ever wondered how you could permanently change the “sucky” parts of your life? Have you made changes, watched things get better, then before long you were right back where you started?

If you are looking for a long-term solution (using spiritual practices) and believe you have the power to make your life better . . .

This simple, self-help guide dives into the truth about what is holding you back from experiencing a better, happier life AND gives you simple tools to change what isn’t working!

In just 11 easy-to-understand chapters you’ll discover:

Quick practices you can use anytime to release stress, grief, fear, and drama!
Tips on increasing your energy, getting good sleep, and improving your mood.
How to recognize and adjust any beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing a happy life.
How to work with your spiritual gifts to start living the life you truly want!
Spiritual information hidden from you about your true potential.

Plus lots more!

Changing your life is not about how smart or experienced you are!

It is about how most of us were not taught about a big piece of what helps us create a happy life!

The Truth About Spiritual Gifts reveals the hidden truth behind why all your efforts to change have not been successful in the past!

De Fletcher has assisted people in discovering spiritual answers to overcoming unfulfilling, stressful, or drama-filled lives for over 20 years. She has published two books and conducted numerous spiritual self-help classes. Her ability to relate well with her readers and students is born from her experiencing the cultures and traditions of 15 countries. De has over 30 years experience as a coach, professional trainer, and public speaker. She holds a Masters of Education degree from Weber State University.

Are you ready to stop the never-ending cycle of the same old experiences . . . same old results?

If so . . .

Click the “Buy” button now and start creating your happier, less stressful life!

Health, Mind & Body
November 5
Spirit Oaks Press
Deborah Fletcher

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