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This book is another effort for me to introduce the scientific trading for the trading community in Forex and Stock market. In my previous five books, I provided the details on how technical analysis can predict the market in conjunction with fractal wave. However, I felt that I could expand this on other technical analysis outside Support, Resistance, Triangle Pattern, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave, and X3 Chart Pattern. Hence, I chosen the supply and demand analysis to accomplish this goal. My goal was to provide you more practical trading examples. So that you can learn how to make use of the fractal wave in practice for your trading. The idea behind the supply and demand analysis starts with understanding the supply and demand curve in Economics. However, you do not need the deep understanding of the supply demand curve and Economics to use this technique. Hence, this technical analysis is accessible by anyone. In fact, the supply and demand analysis shares some common attributes with the volume spread analysis (VSA) devised by Richard Wyckoff. For example, the supply and demand analysis uses the price pattern based on the key area in the price analysis. The supply and demand analysis is the simple and straightforward price pattern analysis. In addition, the demand supply zone can be used as the support resistance too. We demonstrate how to use the demand supply zone as the support resistance in this book.

Supply and demand trading does not require any complicated technical indicators or math skills. However, it purely focuses on the price itself. As it is the effective tool for your trading, I believe that many people will love to have this technical analysis on their toolbox. My latest book tends to be easier to read as I put a lot of effort to find the simplest explanation as possible. This book is easy to read too. In addition to the supply and demand analysis, this book covers other technical analysis in brief. This will help you to compare the supply and demand analysis with other technical analysis. However, this does not mean that this book is comprehensive to explain all the technical analysis in details. If you are looking to explore other technical analysis in details outside the supply and demand analysis, then I will recommend reading my previous books. In the list below, I put the easy to read book on top. Try to read the easy to read book first and try to read the harder book later to improve your trading and investment.
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