Necromancist (SECOND EDITION‪)‬

A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance

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Publisher Description

Nine years ago he took everything and left her cold. Now he’s back for more.

The poor and troubled young man who took Alice Jones’s virginity nine years ago and left her cold is coming to London. Now a rock star, he’s to perform in the theatre where Alice works as publicity officer. Ivan Kray, labeled as crazy by the media because of the voices he hears in his head, seems to have an ulterior motive for the appearance. He says he’s in England to take back what’s his. Alice. Or is his true intention to take revenge for how her wealthy family shunned him?

Ivan Kray has learned there are only two truths in life. Not everybody dies, and only people with money get what they want. After how Alice’s daddy threw him out on the street like garbage, he slaved for nine long years to make money, and he’s finally going to get what he wants. The same thing as always. Alice Jones. The only niggle is the voices in his head that won’t leave him in peace. And as if that isn’t enough, now the spirits are threatening him with Alice’s life.

Note: Necromancist is Book 6 of the 7 Forbidden Arts paranormal romance series. Each book has a HEA. For best reading enjoyment, the books must be read in order.


Pyromancist (Book 1)

Aeromancist, The Beginning (Book 2)

Aeromancist (Book 3)

Hydromancist (Book 4)

Geomancist (Book 5)

Necromancist (Book 6)

January 28
Charmaine Pauls
Charmaine Pauls

Customer Reviews

Ballarddebbie ,

Highly recommended & riveting love story!

I thoroughly loved reading the mesmerizing and spellbinding paranormal romance story. Alice's heart was broken years ago by her one true love, Ivan, and now he is back in her life. Alice wants love, romance, marriage, and children, but Ivan tells her he is unable to love again but wants all of her back in his life again. Meanwhile, someone is threatening Ivan's life through Alice. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully recommended, riveting story that engages the reader from the first page until the last page of the story, and a must read love story.

rloves2read ,

Love this series

You just can't go wrong with this series! I loved each book and impatiently await for the next book to release. This light paranormal second chance romance was so full of page turning words. I loved the rockstar theme and the angst between Alica and Ivan was off the charts. Ivan will do anything to get back his former be prepared for some heart stopping, tear jerker moments!

CarlyJay6891 ,

Angsty, sexy, and swoonworthy!

Ivan and Alice

Get ready for an enemies to lovers/second chance romance with a ton of angst and steam!

Nine years ago, Ivan and Alice were completely in love. Ivan was Alice’s first everything and the night that she lost her virginity to her lover, he left without a single word that very same night. Utterly heartbroken, she decided to not even chase after him but continue to pursue her dreams.
Nine years come and go, and these two inevitably come together again. And it’s not without a lot of anger towards one another. Alice is angry over the way that he just left without a single word. Ivan although still inexcusable, had his reasons and his reasons were her father told him that he was never gonna be good enough for his daughter. As the truth slowly comes out, these two still have a ton of trust issues. Alice is afraid to give her her over to him. Ivan feels like he has no heart to give it all..
“Ivan, please. I beg you, if you can’t love me, set me free. “ “Shh. Let us be, Alice. No matter how hard we try, we will never stay away from each other. “

The other huge plot of the story is Ivan is a necromancist despite not exactly wanting to be. He can see dead people and speak to them. When one starts to manipulate him and threatens the life of Alice, he really has to figure out his emotions and also how to save the one and only woman that he’s ever come close to admitting he’s loved.
Did I mention he’s also famous?
Did I also mention this book has a ton of extremely well written sex scenes that will blow your mind?!
We see the other amazing characters in the series work together. Which I absolutely love when authors do this.
I love the storyline. I cannot wait for the next book!

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