Tutoring the Player

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I have a type.
I love the good guy.
Responsible and stable. Safe.
So when a beer-drinking, quick-witted, tattooed hockey player asks me to tutor him, I'm suddenly thrust into the world of bad boys and bad decisions.
Jordan is a renowned player on campus and doesn’t take anything seriously.
He gives me butterflies, and I don’t know what to do about it.
I’m a wallflower tutoring Valley University’s hottest player.

March 29
Rebecca Jenshak
Rebecca Jenshak

Customer Reviews

ahhhokaynonamesleft ,

Torturing the plays

It took me a minute to get into this book. And when I did it was annoying, but in a good way. The characters developed nice and smooth. Ending is amazing. Love this book…this author. Have almost read all of her work.
✨10/10 recommend
Wish Noah and Cole had a book. 🥲🫶🏾


Wallflowers and jocks

Review: 4/5 ⭐️
Steam: 2/5 🔥

#tutoringtheplayer is an all new book in the #wallflowerseries by @rebeccajenshak

Jordan has a reputation around campus. He’s a player on and off the ice. Doesn’t do relationships and likes to party. Although he is decent in school, he does enough to get by. When he and his lab partner have to accommodate another person he’s a glad to have someone else help. But now he’s seeing her in a different light. She might be quiet but she’s sassy. He asks for a tutor which she agrees to, and now he loves spending anytime with her that he can get. Can a small little lie blow up the friendship they have built together? Or is he another person to underestimate this wallflower.

Daisy hides in the crowd. She is hyper focused on school and doing well like it had been drilled into her brain by her family. She admires the jocks from afar in her treehouse and sees what’s it’s like to be apart of their world. Everything changes when she’s assigned a new lab group. She gets the chance to interact with her crush, but maybe he’s not what she built him up to be. Enter lab later 2- Jordan. The bad boy, tattoos, and attitude. They start to talk and he’s not what she expected at all, he’s so much more. Spending time with him showed her this and she sees another side it him. But is he just another jock who’s going to break her heart? Or are his actions authentic but he just went about it the wrong way?

I liked this book! It reminded me of the campus nights series. Daisy is a wallflower, but definitely has some spice and sass hidden underneath. She allows herself to flirt and see there’s more than just school to focus on. Then there’s Jordan. What hockey obsessed, tattoo loving girl wouldn’t want him? (Speaking for a friend, not Daisy obviously) he was so much more than a jock and I loved that he opened up to her. He’s a guy and he’s dumb, he focused on his feelings and I don’t think he intentionally meant to hurt anyone in the process. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group! If you love the previous series, you’ll absolutely enjoy this one too!

pinkyy225 ,

Just read it!

Such a cute story. Read this in one day. The characters are adorable and the story is so sweet.

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