The Night Queen's Curse

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Publisher Description

"Guard your mortal heart well, Diana. Do not trust the people of Sinzar."

The Fae Prince's advice rings in my mind.

But alas, I am the fool who fell in love with the moon.

There is an unspoken rule in Merle; avoid Thornwall at all cost. Beyond that forbidden forest, lies the land beyond the veil, where all manner of faes, elves, demons, and beasts roam. Yet, a night of glitz, mystery and glamour over Professor's Griffith party is enough to tempt Diana and Lily to approach his mansion at the edge of the wood. The masquerade ball engrossed the sisters in a dream until, tragically, the next morning turned into a nightmare.

Lily is gone!

To Diana's despair, Lily vanished in the night, as if erased from time. Every record of her sister disappeared into thin air. No one remembered Lily, not friends, not family. No one was looking. No one believed Diana.

As Diana searches for any sign of her beloved sister, another is doing the same. A mysterious warrior named Amaris from a far-off land is trying to find his brother. When they soon realise their courses align, their destinies become forged.

But what dark secret is this sword wielding man hiding? Can Diana trust him?

As the shadows of the Rot from Eirik Bloodhound's Court of Shadows loom closer, Diana and Amaris begin their mission, risking all for those they hold dear. Their path leads them on a perilous journey across Thornwall, where their love for their family is ruthlessly tested and their wills pushed to the brink.

Little did Diana know, the wheels of fate has been set in motion. Death, love, and betrayal awaits her in the land beyond the veil. Will Diana ever see her sister again?

March 31
Niro J Hayle
Draft2Digital, LLC