The Raven Queen

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Allison Shaw

I live a life of privilege, thanks to my inheritance. I go to the best parties, spend time with the hottest guys, and can do whatever my heart desires. But I am drawn to the hidden world my late father was obsessed with.

Dr. Patrick Shaw was a hematologist. He worked in a lab, held up beakers, and ran complicated programs. He also consulted ancient texts in an unknown alphabet. Because my father's private writings are about the culture and ceremonies of vampires. I read them on his computer in the library of our—now my—penthouse.

Kayl finds me at a party, surrounded by suitors. His orders are to protect me.

Faster than I would have ever thought possible, I am ready to make the decision that will forever change who I am and empower us to be together. But none of the studying I've done has prepared me for what I must do to save my lover in the final battle of the cycle.

Tira, The Raven Queen

I am the matriarch of the clan locked in the deadly game we queens play. Blackmail and murder have made me the wealthiest female never to appear in a magazine. I control corporations, banks, and intelligence agencies. When victorious, I will lead our clan into the time of peace and prosperity.

The cycle begins with six clans; there are three left.

Kayl, The Raven King

I am a knight first. My orders require me to seduce, control minds, and kill. I do this on the boards to which I am dispatched: estates and towers in NYC, the manors and castles of Europe.

As king, I serve at the pleasure of the queen.

The Raven Queen is an erotic romance fantasy novel. It's hot. So. You've been warned.

(A) 1 + (T) 20 + (K) 11 = 32

February 2
Scarlet Secrets
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