A Feminist Manifesto from a Fierce Survivor

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Imagine being a carefree, independent young woman enjoying life. Your bold, adventurous spirit pulls you to travel to distant locales. Then out of nowhere, you’re abducted, assaulted, and raped. That is the terror-filled experience that Karen Moe survived almost thirty years ago.

But this is not a crime story. This is not even just a survivor's tale. Instead, this is a manifesto. In dialogue with other feminists and through case studies from around the world, Moe uses her trauma to shine a light on how not only violence against women, but all exploitation, is a natural result of patriarchal hierarchy. Yes, this is Moe’s story of triumph over violence, but it is also a call-to-action for both men and women.

The ultimate goal of Victim: A Feminist Manifesto from a Fierce Survivor is to provide tools for resistance against a culture of exploitation. “In the end, what I have suffered and survived has given me a gift... Now, resistance, fighting for justice, is what I live for. My life is far bigger than myself.”

"A bold and well-constructed work that takes on difficult topics in a compelling way."—Kirkus Review.

"Without false optimism, Karen Moe writes of how we can find authentic hope."— Robert Jensen author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men.

"This book is a call to action for all of us—women and men. You will want to put it down, but you can’t, because it’s so compelling.” —Marie McKenzie, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Things That Keep Me Up At Night.

“Victim is Karen Moe’s impassioned manifesto … Victim is visceral. It is a difficult book to put down. And it is a compelling must-read!”Victor Malarek, author of The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men who Buy It.

“A tour de force true story of surviving and surmounting the unthinkable. Victim is literary nonfiction at its best."—Sally Clark, author of The Way of The Warrior Mama: The Guide To Raising and Protecting Strong Daughters.

April 2
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