Enchanting Her Defender (Beacon Bay Magic - Book 2‪)‬

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Publisher Description

She barely escapes with the child and her life…

Miranda's insomnia drives her from bed before dawn, her eyes widening at the ghost of a friend killed months ago warning of danger at the women's shelter she's poured her heart into.

She heeds the warning, racing to the scene only to find Joy dead, her toddler a witness. Aided by a mysterious hound, they barely escape the madman. Injured and devastated, she secures the child and hound in her vehicle, driving away to hide in her cottage by the sea, only to realize there's no one to call for help—no friends, no husband, no boyfriend.

He's strength and magic in a muscular package…

Vouru-Kasa inherited his magic through revered ancestors—Persian and Gaelic—and he's suddenly compelled to protect someone. But whom? What he feels clear to his soul, the person will be important to him.

She's his warrior queen…

At the behest of his friend, the police chief, he arrives at the shelter, riveted by the woman woven in the tapestry on the wall. His soul cries out, she's his. His to defend, to support, to love. Discovering she's on the run with a child and hound, he's desperate to find them—they are who his magic is rising for.


She's wary, her heart bruised, her body abused, her trust shattered—obliterated long ago.

Will the magic of love be theirs?

Will he find them before tragedy strikes? Can he convince her he means no harm? Entice her to believe he'll stand by her side? Celebrate her strength, courage, and beauty—win her love.

Enchanting Her Defender is a paranormal romance featuring a dominant hero who wields his ancient magic to defend a damaged heroine descended from druids, who protects women in need—and the sweet baby wrenched from her mama's arms—aided by a mysterious hound. This book has steamy, explicit encounters, cursing, magic and falling in love fast—and an HEA! Grab your copy!

If steamy encounters, cursing, magic, and falling in love fast isn't your thing, it's best you pass by this book. There are lots of sweet romances out there for you to find!

June 14
Quicksilver Garou LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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