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As a Section Commander in one of the British Army's toughest Infantry regiments, Darren Ware spent a decade with the Royal Green Jackets and fought a vicious border war with the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland. In the 80's and 90's Northern Ireland was a bloody battleground that claimed the lives of hundreds of soldiers. Shortly after joining the army he was sent to Northern Ireland days after he turned 18, and in the prime of his life was sent to confront terrorists. Within 18 months of returning from his first tour he was sent back to Northern Ireland this time on his 20th birthday to be confronted with the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the day he arrived and a two year tour of operations and close encounters that followed. He was awarded a Mention in Despatches in 1992 having disrupted a terrorist attack in Strabane. It was in the sniper-strewn streets of the cities and fields of the countryside of the border region that he began a journey that would make a man of him - in the staunch IRA stronghold of South Armagh - 'Bandit Country' - that took the life of his brother in a massive unpredicted terrorist attack in 1991. At the time, his brother Simon was serving with the Coldstream Guards. The murder of his brother by the IRA reinforced his determination to continue his commitment to serve in Northern Ireland and to assist the RUC in the defeat of terrorism in killing or capturing the terrorists, which he achieved with success in 1992. In 1998 a change in operational commitment led the author to pursue a career elsewhere and Darren Ware is now an elite Police Firearms Officer dealing with armed and violent offenders on the front line. If you want to know the first-hand devastating effect that the IRA terrorists had on a young soldier and his family, fighting for answers and justification, then read this book. The author reflects on his experiences in Northern Ireland, and recounts his brother's life, and death at the hands of the IRA. 'Rendezvous with the Enemy' will introduce you to the life of a professional soldier, the operational experience in Northern Ireland and above all, it will lead you along the road to death and the effects of unjustified terrorist murder in Northern Ireland.

June 19
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