Return of the Lion People

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This engaging tale of a Stone Age girl named Maddia who adopts a starving wolf pup is both exciting and informative, and it is supported by our knowledge of the time period in which the story is set, approximately 15,000 years ago. In addition to being entertained, readers will learn how our ancestors' discoveries demonstrate that they possessed greater intellectual capabilities than many of us give them credit for.

The story recounts one of the most important advances in human history. The domestication of the wolf to become the dog was the first step toward the agricultural revolution that occurred five thousand years later. The young wolf seems to have a magical effect on the clan, and the wolf is involved in many of the discoveries that are humanity's stepping-stones to civilization.

Readers will learn about:

-early domestication of animals

-invention of the basket

-use of levers and wheels for moving heavy objects

-development of rope

-advancement of hunting technology

-significance of plant seeds

-herding of live animals

-experimentation with fire

The richness of the visual images in Nasha is extraordinary. Recognizing that young readers have been surrounded by visual media since birth, the author tells the story with a series of descriptions that serve as a background on which the imagination can paint with greater detail.

The dangers that these young characters face are thrilling, yet there is little of the gratuitous violence that characterizes much of contemporary fiction. Readers will come to understand that the role of young people in primitive societies was critical because of what they do themselves and what they bring out in others.

Nasha: The First Dog contains subtle messages that promote positive values. This accessible book features an intricate plot that is sure to appeal to young readers. Anyone who has ever loved a dog will have a difficult time resisting the book cover.

About the author

Dr. Michael Milone is a nationally recognized research psychologist and award-winning educational writer who earned a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1978. He has been involved in the development of some of the most successful assessments and curriculum materials in education produced by publishers that include Academic Therapy Publications, Highlights for Children, McGraw-Hill Education, MindPlay, Renaissance Learning, Scholastic, and Harcourt Educational Measurement.

As a grandson of Italian immigrants, Dr. Milone grew up learning the stories of his ancestors, including the classical legends. His interest in antiquity prompted a book chapter on the history of handwriting. I addition to Nasha, Michael' has written a sequel Return of the Lion People, and a historical fantasy Juno’s Twins, which is based on the Romulus and Remus story, was a natural extension of his interest.

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September 15
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