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The fever dreamers are an informal collective of beings spread across time, coinciding though shared locations and thin places in the fabric of the universe. They may experience hints of each other at the edges of their perception, from the corners of their eyes, never solidifying into what we might call real or conjure up the confidence to announce out loud. As in a dream, gripped by fever, uncertain of the boundaries between the real and the unreal, they encounter whispers of each other wafting through their shared spaces. Fever liberates us from the shackles of “the real” and the limitations inherent to it. This is history brought into the present moment. Metaphysicians theorize that time exists all at once and not at all in the linear way that we imagine it, with the past behind us and the future ahead. All at once, fever dreamers exist in the same space. Their moments, and their stories, unfold without the boundaries and parameters of our perception.

The stories told of the fever dreamers in the current installation can be seen as seeds, origins, the first glimpse into a world unknown and easily missed. Like breaking open a pomegranate and finding so many tiny jewels inside, we enter the installation space to discover the richness of just a handful of these many jewels. The artist intends to break open the rind and pluck out this story and that one, to introduce this dreamer and that one. There are many more, manifold reflections of humanity interwoven through time and space. The viewer takes in their stories, opening to a broader perspective of what we move through when we move through a space, most any space – an old building, a field, a path along which so many beings have moved. History becomes real. We can taste each tiny jewel in a lived way, tangible and synesthetic.

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January 17
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