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There are never enough words to describe the trials that are endured as we travel through this life. As we sit within a moment of reflection, at times, our past stares back at us through eyes of regret. All too often we fail to realize that our strength is not destroyed by the wicked ways of the world, but rather, it is intensified, amplified, justified.
One girl saw the world through the innocent eyes of a child until one day that innocence was savagely ripped from her hands. Refusing to succumb to the illusion that 'we are reflections of our past', she sought to discover a world unlike any she had ever known. Through the eyes of the horse, she became reborn into a life of purpose, and discovered that within her tiny hands, she held the spirit of a warrior.

Warning: This 24,000+ word novella is based on a true story, and although it does not contains explicit material, some scenes involve domestic violence, child abuse and rape.

He stood hovering above me as I held my body in pain, the shadow of his hat blocking out the sun. I could see his piercing eyes as they stared through me, displeased by my tears.
"Get off the damn ground, Emry. Wipe the tears of your face, get your ass up, and get back on that f*****g horse," he said, his voice heavy with disgust.
I rose to my feet and stood shaking before him, my body trembling in pain from the fall. My horse had become spooked as we crossed the remnants of what used to be an old bridge. Its rotting boards cracked and moaned beneath her feet as she cautiously made her way across. A loud crack sounded as her foot slipped through the jagged edges of a broken plank. Startled, she reared, tossing me from her back and retreating to safety, leaving me breathless and bruised.
The gravel from the road had torn a hole into my jeans, and blood poured down my leg from an open gash across my knee. I walked slowly to her as she stood with the reins dangling loosely around her neck, a look of uncertainty settled upon her face. Gently grabbing the reins, I collected my emotions, placed my foot in the stirrup, and lifted myself back into the saddle.
"Now make her cross," Wyatt yelled from the opposite end of the bridge. My hands trembled in fear as I gently nudged her forward. Her nostrils flared from excitement and her body twitched, her muscles trying desperately to fight the urge to run. I whispered as she hesitantly made her way across, letting her know that she was not alone in her fears. Her ears flicked back and forth, listening to me as I spoke to her, absorbing not only my words but my emotions. We made it to the other side, and a feeling of triumph consumed me. Wyatt looked at me proudly.

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February 21
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