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His world isn't real. But his dreams are.

Talented artists shouldn’t be waiting tables, scraping by, and living mediocre lives. But that’s exactly what art school graduate Wes Teague is doing.

Then he wakes from a bizarre dream, haunted by the sense that his life isn't real. A harrowing truth presents itself--the real world lies in his dreams, not when he's wide awake.

The dream world he enters each night is rich and vibrant. Chicago appears the same on the surface, but chaos runs rampant as gravity, physics, and other laws of nature become fluid, changing unexpectedly. There, Wes's parents, brother, and sister are strangers. His girlfriend Emily doesn’t recognize him. Wes longs to return, to unlearn the truth about his dual reality.

Wes would sacrifice almost anything to get back to blissful ignorance in a false world.

But now he has feelings for the real Emily.

If you enjoy a mind-twisting romp through unimaginable dimensions, pulled by a quest for lost love, download Gateway to Reality today.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 14
Surreal Media Studios
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TessElizabeth99 ,

Great Sci Fi Novel!

The premise and intricate world that Becca J. Campbell creates in this story is mind blowing and so fun in which to immerse oneself. It's also written in a way that is bisually stunning for the imagination; I can see myself in the unique environments that the characters inhabit. As with all good stories, I was left wanting more!

BobbiKinion ,

Review of Gateway to Reality

This book definitely has a Twilight Zone feel to it. It is definitely very different than what I have ever read. Wes finds himself trying to figure out what's real and what is not. Running from destroyers and trying to capture the heart of the only woman he has ever loved makes for an amazing mystery adventure. You get the chance to learn right along side Wes and his friends. Becca Campbell really drew me into this story and kept me guessing.

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