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The author of Whisperings Paranormal Mysteries takes you to a future where creatures of magic and myth openly mingle with humans, or hide inside other skins. When Mankind and the Otherworldy live side by side, who are the monsters?

This collection of six short stories is 26,360 words (approx.100 paperback pages) plus a 4,000 word introduction to Whisperings book one, Along Came a Demon (approx. 11 paperback pages.) Dark urban fantasy/some sexually explicit content.

Let Me Bring You Into The Light.

Priestess Veronica accepts gifts for the temple, and rewards supplicants in the name of her god. When she whispers in their ear, they leave with a smiling face and promise to return. They will return, time after time, until she brings them into the light.

Harpy Song

Special investigator by night, the ultimate housewife by day, Rhea adores cooking, cleaning and pampering her husband Penn. One evening she witnesses a neighbor’s brutality. Someone should have told him, nobody had better disturb Rhea’s domestic bliss.

Cast in Stone

Meddie has been here since the dawn of the world. Lauded for her art, she captures the mighty and the lowly in stone.

Come Fly with Me

The gargoyle thinks she has seen everything on Earth, but when she decides to die and her soul flees to a human body, she learns the evil of which men are capable.

Troll Love

Ashamed of her stunted body, little Brillig does not think a man can love her. When she falls for Christian and her feelings are reciprocated, she must choose between her desire, and his life.


Jo is a bounty hunter and gladiator undefeated in the arena. Betrayed by her elven lover, she and her friend Etta are doomed. But Jo has an edge.

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April 22
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