Rooted in Decency

Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways

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Publisher Description

What happened to common decency? And how do we get to more cooperation and kindness?

Take a quick scan of the headlines and… wow. From disrespect to elaborate deceptions, it’s easy to question whether indecency has taken root in our society. Some people are doing what they think is “right” while others are wondering how they could do something so terribly, morally “wrong.” It can make you wonder, Do we even share common values anymore?

Rooted in Decency reveals some surprising reasons behind why people are acting so divisively toward each other and why that can make life feel so off-balance. Each chapter offers an “a-ha” insight that guides readers to better understand how the current culture may be affecting them personally, to make sense of how other people are acting, and to clarify the core values that create inner peace, even when the world seems so unstable.

While it’s based on intriguing research from modern science to ancient moral philosophy, Rooted in Decency is written in straightforward language for a busy audience. Each chapter is a short conversation that presents brilliant insights—from neuroscience to happiness science, from Aristotle to Buddha—that bring new light to today’s moral dilemmas. Find intriguing discussions like:
- Why people are so willing to believe lies
- How happiness is tied to self-respect
- Which core values the world’s major religions have in common
- Why you can't shame someone into agreeing with you

Journey through all the chapters and discover that we do, in fact, share common values. The included journaling prompts offer actionable steps that can help us move forward to a place that’s rooted in decency.

October 4
LoveWell Press
Colleen D Bryant