The Beast

A Spicy Romance Novel

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    • Expected Jan 31, 2023
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    • Pre-Order
    • $4.99

Publisher Description

She needs him… almost as much as she craves his touch. 


As a high-profile criminal on the run – an elite assassin specialized in taking out monsters like himself, never the innocents – Andrei Kowitsch knows the game. 

Keep moving. Stay under the radar. Never socialize. 

But when he witnesses an attack on a breathtakingly beautiful woman, he breaks all rules and saves her.

And Andrei keeps breaking those damn rules when those stunning green eyes beg him to keep her safe. 


Never a ladies’ man, always cold and detached, Andrei can’t figure out why he can’t say no to this mysterious woman who drives him mad at night picturing her honest smile. And perfect curves. 


But could she ever feel the same for a monster like him? 


Elise has been on the run for months. But just when she thought that she has finally escaped her abusive husband – one of the most dangerous mobsters on the East Coast – his foot soldiers caught up with her. If it wasn’t for the devilishly handsome stranger who rescued her, she would have been dragged straight back to hell. 


As crazy as it sounds, she trusts this elegant stranger whose harsh ways seem to hide a softer side. But is there really a chance for her to survive at the side of a man who might hide secrets as dark as the night? Even if that same man unleashes a fire inside her that burns down the walls around her shattered heart? 


When the curtains fall and reveal both of their broken pasts, will they be saved or destroyed once and for all?

January 31
Timeless Papers
Denise Daye