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Publisher Description

This book was written with the purpose of Educating, Inspiring, and uplifting the lives of those whose story is lived daily but has yet to be told.

The text offers a clever yet simple way of using the power of written word to express the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that aren’t always expressed publicly but are consciously on the minds, hearts and souls of many men and women in our society.

The mission is to touch the lives of its readers on a personal level, while offering an alternative method of allowing art to emulate the story of many men and women as they press forward thru the everyday trials and tribulations of life.

On its surface it may be "Just Words".

But beneath the cover, you may find a mirror image of your life. From where you've been, where you are, or where you're going.

Fiction & Literature
December 12
Michael E. Reid
Just Mike the Poet Inc

Customer Reviews

Trustinchristie ,

Thank you

I first heard of mike from a coworker of mine, I went in his IG page and was automatically intrigued by his words and thought process to be able to display truth to young women and men. I have been through a lot in my life but always strived to remain positive, around the time I discovered mike I was questioning why I shouldn't give up or give in rather. Reading his poems and this book gave me the exact push I needed to help me rebuild my spirit. I'm even doing something new thinking about myself first and learning to love me instead of giving me and all I have to everyone else. He helped me realize how strong I was and to keep going towards my goals and ambitions. Purchasing this book to start off his series was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wanted to start with his first book because I know his writing and thought process would only get deeper so I'm diving in! Not only in the books but in myself too ! Thank you mike ! Your gift is truly appreciated

naturalb23 ,

It was good

Great read!

SentimientoL ,

"Just Words"

Great great book! Thank you I loved it :)

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