The Flight of the Silvers

The Silvers Series

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Publisher Description

For fans of Blake Crouch, the propulsive first book in the genre-bending Silvers trilogy, in which six ordinary people become extraordinary when they find themselves the sole survivors of an apocalypse that lands them on an Earth far different from our own—one on which they have X-Men-like powers to manipulate time. 

Without warning, the world comes to an end. The sky looms frigid white. The electric grid falters. Airplanes everywhere crash to the ground, and finally, the sky comes down in a crushing sheet of light, taking out everything and everyone with it—except for Hannah and Amanda Given. Saved from destruction by three fearsome and powerful beings who adorn them each with an irremovable silver bracelet, the Given sisters suddenly find themselves on a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time itself is manipulated by common household appliances.

Upon arrival to this alternate America, Hannah and Amanda are taken to a science laboratory where they meet four other survivors from their world, all of whom wear matching silver bracelets—a mordant cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, a brilliant young Australian, and a troubled ex-prodigy. While being poked and prodded by scientists who may be friends or enemies, the group discovers that it’s not only their world that is different—they are different. Each has the power to manipulate time with their bare hands…a power they can’t always control. With no one but each other to trust, “the Silvers” must find out what exactly happened to their world and why it was that they were spared. But with unexpected new enemies emerging from around every corner, their quest for answers will quickly become a cross-country quest for survival.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 4
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Double.D ,

Waiting too long

A little deus ex machina in the end, but not in a bad way . Plenty to build on for the sequel, which is taking too long! Eagerly awaiting the next in series.

ElectronChaser ,

Great book for anybody new to Sci-Fi

I really enjoyed reading this book. The pacing of the story is done very well. The author doesn't throw too much at you too quickly and keeps you guessing up to the very end. There are a few sections of the book where the story slows down a bit for character development. It may seem tedious at first but there are payoffs to this by the end. The world created is both familiar and strange. Very well balanced. The author has obviously spent a lot of time developing this world and the story.

I think this is a great story for people on the fence about reading Sci-fi or would like to start reading Sci-fi. There are many aspects of this book that cross over to other genres seamlessly while telling the story of an amazing situation in and amazing world.

I hope I see more books from this author soon.

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