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After a very shaky beginning as a wild-born telekinetic, Adrian is elated to discover that his new home is at the center of the world's largest psionic city. It should have been a dream come true, but something here is just not right. It's not just that his sister is still missing, or that he is being forced into a rigorous combat training program that is slowly turning him into a killer. Something rotten is hiding... inside him. Adrian must discover the truth behind his recurring, shadowy nightmares, and face the possibility that the greatest evil threatening everything he holds dear might, in fact, be himself.

The Tower is the second book of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy: a supernatural adventure series with psychic children, teens and adults, telekinesis, telepathy, and many twists and turns in a harsh urban fantasy world.

Read all five books of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy in order:
Book One: Wild-born
Book Two: The Tower
Book Three: Lesser Gods
Book Four: The Quest
Book Five: Guardian Angel

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 16
Adrian Howell
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Minecraft digger ,

Best series ever!

The best book I've read!! Its a well written story, i loved reading this book. I recommend everyone reads it! I truly fell in love with all the main characters and all their personalities. I don't know what im going to do after now that i finished reading the whole series. I hope Mr. Howell writes more. I hope he is in the process of writing another book or series. I hope he published more books a lot more in the future. I loved this series and every single book and character. And I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to say i might have shed some tears after some characters deaths like Laila, Terry, Cindy, Mark, and that Alia could never meet the old Cindy after they got separated. I was sad that Adrian could never see Alia the same. But at least a few lived happily ever after.

Drew Douglas ,

Drew Douglas

Amazing series!!! I Started with Wild Born. I finished the series a week later. Thank you Adrian for this series it has truly been a pleasure.

Shane c smith ,


One of the best books ever and I have read a lot of books I can't decide which book I like more this one or the first but I finished them both in a day

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