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Collecting the first four novels in the Galvanic Century steampunk series at 50% off the price of individual purchases.

Steampunk Mysteries and Thrilling Adventure

The Galvanic Century series showcases a world where Queen Victoria rules an empire of steam from an iron throne well into the 20th century. It's a world where airships ply the skies and inventors cobble together monsters and wonders in their workshops. A world where were all the scientific fever dreams of the Victorian era - animal magnetism, galvanic resurrection, rare ether - are manifest.

A world marching inexorably towards a great war that will rock the earth to its very foundations.

The Steampunk Omnibus collects the first four Galvanic Century books into one collection.

In Bartleby and James, the eponymous detectives set out on their new endeavor as private detectives and tackle their first cases.

In A Gentlewoman's Chronicles gentlewoman Aldora Fiske balances obligation and justice as she seeks a life of adventure beyond London's social season.

In March of the Cogsmen, Bartleby and Aldora's wedding is harried by dead men melded with hot brass.

In Dreams of the Damned, Alton Bartleby must confront the father that he had committed decades ago – and convince the man to release the hostages he's taken.

Praise for Michael Coorlim's Steampunk Omnibus:

"I will continue to enjoy Mr. Coorlim's work and look forward to my next reading adventure."

"I love when collections of short stories work well together and they meld so well in this work! Little pieces build up throughout until there is this huge reveal that once you find out about it you feel silly for not realizing it previously."

"I absolutely have to brag on the fact that this is PURE steampunk... There are no aliens or fantasy creatures... Aside from the pseudoscience there aren't any "magic" or "supernatural" elements to the series."

"Read all together, however, allows one to see how the style, the tone and the pace improves with each novelette. Moreover, the character development can be appreciated more easily when the cycle is read as a whole."

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 8
Pomoconsumption Press
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