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If you liked Ready Player One and Ender's Game, strap in for Socket Greeny...

"A brilliantly-written complexly-layered plot, set in a vivid, tangible future world." --IndieReader

I was a nobody.

I had this funny name and white hair and really didn't care about anything. But then one day something happened. Change is like that. One day you're a nothing, the next you're saving everything. Not everybody.


It's not that I didn't want to do what I did. Someone once told me that true nature is a train—you either get on board or get run over. So I got on. What I saw… the androids and the off-world stuff. The psychotic minders. It's out there.

The rabbit hole is deep.

That's the thing with the truth. It's been in front of us all this time. You just have to see it. Once you do, you can't ignore it. I was once a nobody and now I'm a legend because I saw the truth about reality, about this universe.

And I did something about it.

"Absolutely the BEST sci-fi! Totally enjoyable!" –Dr. Bill Encke, Reviewer"THE best book I have EVER read!" – Reviewer"I cried and laughed… I was captivated." –Teresa Koschalk, Reviewer"A story along the lines of Heinlein's best!" –SciFiGirl, Reviewer"Transcendent… a beautiful and well written expression." Tiffany, Reviewer"A Great Series for the SF fan of any Age." Greg T, Reviewer"Twists throughout woven in so well you may not notice the dominos until the very end." Reviewer"This was one of the best sci-fi/tech audiobooks I've heard lately, and frankly I can't believe it's still relatively undiscovered." Ms. Christian C., Reviewer
IndieReader's BEST BOOKS of 20147 Indie Titles Perfect for the Big Screen –IndieReader (2015)

Young Adult
December 10
DeadPixel Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Buddhiblue ,

Awesome read

Duplicates, Gods and a love so deep for all of life that the universe is saved. I did not know what to expect with this series. I was impressed with the references to technology and astrophysics. You won’t be disappointed - it will take you from high school to the universe.

1sdman ,

One of my favs!

Words don’t describe how delicious this book is. It has become one of my favorites comparable to the Heinlein classic Stranger in a Strange Land.

Tony Bertauski, you hit it out of the park! Thank you!

TheCondoGuy ,

Imaginative tale with fully wrought characters

An interesting take on the evolution of technology and how we interact with it. Excellent characters that lend themselves to a full-bodied tale.

An excellent read!

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