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You might think that setting a price for your ebook is an easy matter that you can do once and forget about it.  You would be wrong.  If your ebook’s price is too high, you might make less money per sale than if you set a lower price!  The same is true for having a price that is too low!

This book is useful to anyone wanting to know:

How you can set and change the price on any of the major ebook publishing platforms.
How you can can set the prices for maximum revenue.
What many authors and publishers do wrong when setting prices for ebooks.
How you can negotiate a contract for ebook sales even if you are offered a publishing contract with a major publishing house for print versions of your book.
The situations when restrictive publishing agreements, such as Amazon KDP, are worthwhile.
The advantages and pitfalls of selecting “Extended Distribution” on CreateSpace.
The hidden pricing and royalty information on Kobo Writing Life.

Once you have learned the secrets in this book, you can see this for yourself.  You will enjoy browsing the catalogs of Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Press, KoboBooks.com, the Apple iBooks Store, and others to see how many pricing errors are made by independent authors (with and without the use of an aggregator such as Smashwords or Draft2Digital), and even large, well-established publishing houses.  You’ll enjoy not making these mistakes yourself.

There are separate chapters on setting prices on each of the major ebook publishing platforms, and the best way to set prices across multiple platforms.  One chapter is devoted to the special problems of publishing on CreateSpace.com and how those prices are related to prices on Amazon KDP.

You will learn when to use an ISBN and when not to.  Finally, you’ll learn some simple formatting secrets. 

The book is 211 pages long, and contains 33,387 words and 44 diagrams.  

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pricing eBooks on Amazon KDP

Chapter 3: Pricing eBooks on Nook Press (Formerly Pubit)

Chapter 4: Pricing eBooks on KobBooks.com

Chapter 5: Pricing eBooks on the Apple iBooks Store

Chapter 6: Pricing eBooks on Multiple Stores

Chapter 7: Pricing Books on Google Play (Google Books)

Chapter 8: Pricing Print Books on CreateSpace.com

Chapter 9: Pricing eBooks When Using an Aggregator

Chapter 10: Pricing eBooks on Other Publisher’s Websites

Appendix: Formatting Issues for Kindle, Nook Press, Kobo, the iBooks Store, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital

Business & Personal Finance
January 6
Ronald J. Leach

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