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This book takes you through a dissection of the human upper limb & back with REAL photos that show you all the steps involved and details of the anatomy of the upper limb & back as you have never seen it before.  For students performing the dissections, the instructions are concise & easy-to-follow with helpful tips.  For students who do not have the opportunity to dissect, this book provides you with insight you cannot get from a textbook.

Co-Authors of the original 2011 print version: Dustin Tetzl, Justin Neira, José Ramirez, Lily Grossmann

Who should buy this Multi-Touch Textbook?

Medical students

Dental students

Nursing students

Physician assistant students

Physical therapy students

Occupational therapy students

Massage therapy students

Students reviewing for Board Exams

Residents who want to review their Anatomy
Anyone interested in Anatomy


High-resolution zoom-able images


Complete glossary with images


Ability to create notes, highlight & underline

Direct links to the Web or Wikipedia

Built-in Dictionary

Table of Contents:




How to Use this Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Dissection

- Dissecting Equipment
- Skinning the Pectoral Region
- Before You Leave the Lab

Chapter 2: Pectoral Region

- The Pectoral Region
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 3: Superficial Upper Limb & Anterior Arm

- Skinning the Upper Limb
- Superficial Upper Limb
- Anterior Arm
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 4: Axilla & Brachial Plexus

- Axilla
- Muscles of the Axilla
- Arteries of the Axilla
- Brachial Plexus
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 5: Back

- Skinning the Back
- Superficial Muscles of the Back
- Intermediate Muscles of the Back
- Deep Muscles of the Back
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 6: Spinal Cord

- Laminectomy
- Spinal Cord
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 7: Scapular Region & Posterior Arm

- Scapular Region
- Posterior Compartment of the Arm
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 8: Posterior Triangle of the Neck

- Posterior Triangle of the Neck 
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 9: Forearm & Dorsum of Hand

- Flexor Muscles of the Forearm
- Extensor Muscles of the Forearm
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 10: Palm of the Hand

- Superficial Palm
- Deep Palm
- Review – List of Structures & Quiz



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Anatomy & Physiology
June 20
Columbia University
Columbia University

Customer Reviews

iOSuser42 ,

great anatomy guide!

Clear instructions and great pictures of cadavers. The glossary is very detailed and incredibly helpful.

jesskb2188 ,

Love these dissectors

I reviewed one of the other dissector books as well, but I can’t emphasize enough how great these books are. The iPad usability is perfect, the glossary/index, quiz, and flashcard features are essential — definitely don’t hesitate, it’s totally worth it.

Gyunov100 ,

Upper Limb and Back

Dr. Paulette Bernd has a good way of summing up the important components of upper limb, and putting it together into one page for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the material. Amazing study guide!!!!!!

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